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Feather Wizard Voodoo Dolls.

Feather Wizard with his Voodoo dolls.

I have a good selection of Voodoo dolls on hand and access to more at reasonable prices.

We have mass produced imported Voodoo dolls.They look good and the price is right. Voodoo dolls are a fun gift for conventions, parties, promotions, bridal showers, and any other get together. Great for bars, restaurants, and gift shops as a novelty item. Each Voodoo doll comes in different colors and fabric. They don't all look alike. They all have pins, bags and Voodoo cards.

Cloth head, painted face, feather top Voodoo doll.   Big hard head, gold teeth, feather top Voodoo doll.

They look good and the price is right."

The Voodoo dolls pictured are available in cases of 300 Voodoo dolls, in boxes of 6 dozen [72 Voodoo dolls], or by the dozen.

They come in two basic types. The cloth black head at left, and the hard head with gold teeth pictured at right. The head and body styles of each type are similar. No two really look exactly alike. The clothes are in different colors and fabrics. The Voodoo dolls are about 8 to 9 inches high. They have pins, cards about Voodoo, and small grisgris bags. You can order all of one type, or the other, or mix them up and get some of each. Take advantage of our special prices while supplies last. For larger amounts for re-sale, groups, parties, conventions, we can also Custom Order. Please call or e-mail the Wizard for prices on larger quantities of Voodoo dolls or any questions you might have.

By the case of 300 assorted imported Voodoo dolls, 150 of each type, or all of one type $495.00, including domestic shipping, total price delivered.

By the box of 72 Voodoo dolls, 6 dozen, 36 dolls of each type, or all of one type, $180.00 , including domestic shipping, total price delivered.

By the dozen, $35.00 per dozen, including domestic shipping, total price delivered.

For quantities not listed call or e-mail the Wizard for special orders.

For single Voodoo dolls see the Voodoo Wizard.

For over 1 case of 300 Voodoo dolls, e-mail or call, the Feather Wizard for special prices, arrangements, and shipping costs and carriers.

Call 336-682-5131 or e-mail the Wizard for more information on quantities, prices, or special shipping. Re-sellers welcome.

For American made in New Orleans by local practitioners and craftsmen see

Voodoo dolls by Mr. Lucky or New Orleans Voodoo Dolls.

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